Community & Organizations

We have heard YOUR voice, and are now offering a variety of ways to engage with United Front Content

United Front Core Content

Through our recorded sessions, participants and organizations will be introduced to the concept of Shared Humanity. They will have the opportunity to view 12 recorded keynotes and engage in dialogue through case studies and discussion questions. Covered topics are:

  • Implicit Bias & Microaggressions
  • Stress of Minorities
  • Allyship & Active Bystander
  • Difficult Conversations

United Front Continuing Education

Participants will engage in quarterly keynotes and workshops. Topics include:

  • The Essence of Belonging
  • Approaches to Overcoming Negative Biases
  • Archeology of Self
  • Self-Efficacy and Resilience

United Front DEIB Lead Certification

United Front's High level training offers an intensive 3-month training for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) leads. Graduates of the DEIB Lead Certification will walk away with practical steps to:

  • Conduct an assessment on the current state of the organization
  • Determine the organization's business case for DEIB
  • Establish a governance model and DEIB pillars to support it's strategy
  • Launch a DEIB strategy, programming, and related training

United Front Organizational Accreditation

United Front's Organizational Accreditation will provide public acknowledgement for organizations meeting specific criteria that further Shared Humanity. Additional information on Organizational Accreditation will be available at a later date.