Reduced Membership Fees Made Possible

by United Front's Largest Investors

Thank You!

Benefits of United Front Membership

  • Pride in the fact that our community has made diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging a priority.
  • All employees and volunteers of United Front Member Organizations will have free access to:
    • The United Front Core Content
    • United Front Continuing Education
    • United Front Videos & Discussion Questions
    • United Front Keynotes & Workshops
  • United Front Member Organizations will be able to access Expert Consultation
  • United Front Member Organizations will receive reduced fees for United Front Speakers
  • Join the hundreds of organizations getting to work on the challenging subjects of race, equity, and inclusion

Membership Fees

Total Number of Employees in Organization
Membership Fee
1-10 $250
11-25 $500
26-50 $1,000
51-100 $2,000
101-250 $4,000
251-500 $6,000
500+ $8,000

*Membership fees reduced by 50% for government, education, and nonprofit organizations. 


The United Front Team believes money should not be a barrier to participation in the United Front content. Numerous individuals and organizations have been tremendously generous and have provided resources for scholarships to organizations and individuals not able to cover the full membership fee. Please email for more information about scholarships.

Individual Membership

We encourage all participants to engage with United Front through their employer or community group. For those individuals where this is not possible, you may become a United Front Member as an individual for $150. Please contact to learn more about Individual Membership.