Core Content

Learn the foundation of Shared Humanity

Participants and organizations will have the opportunity to engage in United Front's Core Content by journeying through the 12 chapters below:

  1. Individual Bias
  2. Organizational Bias
  3. Microaggressions
  4. Stereotype Threat
  5. Imposter Syndrome
  6. High Context Dependency
  7. Allyship in Shared Humanity
  8. Privilege, Power, and Position
  9. Actions of an Ally
  10. The Fears of Open Dialogue
  11. Embracing Your Journey
  12. Lessons on the Journey to Unity

Participants will be introduced to Shared Humanity, aimed at increasing awareness of equity and inclusion, from the lens of race.

Each chapter provides a:

  • Welcome
  • Pre-Survey
  • Slides
  • Recorded Keynote
  • Case Study and Discussion Questions
  • Post-Survey

To ensure optimal education and experience, participants are required to complete the Pre-Survey, Recorded Keynote, and Post-Survey before moving on to the next chapter.

Organizations have the ability to engage the Core Content collaboratively. A group of individuals can complete the Core Content together, allowing each chapter to be taken one at a time, creating opportunities for robust group discussion and questions around United Front Case Studies.

The Core Content may also be taken individually as a self-guided course.