Become United Front Certified

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

United Front DEIB Lead Certification is designed specifically for individuals leading diversity and inclusion work inside their organization.

Individuals will walk away with a United Front Certification and the practical steps to:

  • Conduct an assessment on the current state of the organization
  • Determine the organization's business case for DEIB
  • Establish a governance model and DEIB pillars to support it's strategy
  • Launch the DEIB strategy, programming, and related training

Prerequisites and Commitment

Individuals and organizations interested in DEIB Certification must have completed the following prerequisites and assessment:

  1. Individual has completed United Front Core Content and/or participated in and completed United Front's 2021 content.
  2. Individual and organization must agree on the Shared Humanity philosophy.
  3. Individual must have a letter of support from the organization's CEO and a letter of support from their direct supervisor.
  4. Individual and organization must complete a confidentiality agreement.
  5. Individual needs a letter of recommendation from a community leader.
  6. Organizations must complete a gap analysis that includes the current state of DEIB efforts and their desired state.
  7. Individuals must commit to attend all scheduled dates and be able to complete 15 hours per month outside the scheduled dates.

Beta Cohort

United Front will begin with a Beta Cohort the spring of 2022. Our Beta Cohort will assist United Front in the design and evolution of the certification course.