• During the racial and social unrest throughout our country in the summer of 2020, Fort Wayne Fire Chief Eric Lahey organized a call with Josh Raines of STAR 88.3 Christian Radio station, Iric Headley of Fort Wayne UNITED, and Dr. Pascal Losambe of Synergy Consulting Company, as a meet and greet. The purpose was to explore ways to improve the diversity hiring outreach of the Fort Wayne Fire Department.

  • During that call, a dream was born.

    The original concept was destined to be expanded beyond its initial scope of enhancing the outreach of the fire department into a citywide initiative built by a group of Fort Wayne organizational leaders.

  • Hope, passion, and a desire to see their own community improve in the areas of racial diversity and inclusion drove these leaders to create United Front; an initiative that provides a safe environment for participants to learn a shared humanity, a common language, and philosophy that is changing the trajectory of the community for generations to come.