United Front's Calendar of Events & Content

United Front Keynotes

We are excited to share that new United Front content will be provided throughout 2022 in a series of quarterly United Front Keynotes. Keynotes will be Live, Live-streamed, and recorded (live-stream and recorded are available on the United Front Learning Platform). United Front Keynotes will last between 60-90 minutes.

  • February 22, 9am, The Clyde Theatre - The Essence of Belonging 
  • May 24, 9am, The Clyde Theatre - Approaches to Overcoming Negative Biases (Space is limited, Click here to register for Live, In-Person)
  • August 9, 9am, The Clyde Theatre - United Front Welcomes Dr, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
  • October - Self-Efficacy & Resilience

Please Note: Final dates, times, and venues for United Front Keynotes will be provided as they are available.

United Front Workshops

Our United Front Workshops will provide amazing opportunities for participants to dive deeper into the quarterly topics. To ensure engagement and education, participants will be required to view the keynote prior to participating in the workshop.

United Front Workshops will be offered virtually through the United Front Learning Platform. Each quarter three workshops will be offered, focusing on a different audience:

The Essence of Belonging:

  • March 24, 9am - Business/Nonprofit
  • March 30, 9am - Education
  • March 31, 9am - Community

Overcoming Negative Bias:

  • June 16, 9am - Business/Nonprofit
  • June 21, 9am - Education
  • June 22, 9am - Community

Microaffirmations and Microvalidations:

  • September 

Self-Efficacy & Resilience:

  • November 

Please Note: While each United Front Workshop is focused on a particular audience, they are open to all individuals participating in United Front Continuing Education.

Final dates and times for United Front Workshops will be provided as they are available.

United Front DEIB Lead Certification

United Front will offer our Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Lead Certification with a Beta Cohort in 2022. Our Beta Cohort will assist United Front in the design and evolution of the certification course. 

Organizational Accreditation

Organizations will have the opportunity to become accredited in the second half of 2022.